New start of the HyperHuman Technologies

Apr 10, 2020 00:00 · 184 words · 1 minute read boring technical whysoserious

Restarting the project again, this time using a different technical stack and slightly different idea for the content.


  1. Posts are written in blogdown - I explicitly expect myselft to mix an Rmarkdown and regular markdown. Technical note: rendering Rmd/md files is done by blogdown, no need to knit the output manually (you can, and it will certainly break the layout in unexpected places).
  2. Private git repository is hosting the Hugo site content.
  3. Netlify is taking care about deployment and serving the site.
  4. I’m using the default cactus plus theme, which I needed to customize (I mean, really, why having a support for inline Latex from Rmd is so problematic?).
  5. All tracking features disabled. Yes, you cannot leave a comment.

Future projections

Based on the past posting schedule (I’ve posted two posts in the previous iteration of this project) the doubling time of posts on this site is estimated to be around 4 days. Using doubling time formula: $$N(t) = N_0 2^{t/T_d}$$ (where $T_d$ is the doubling time) I expect that after 100 days from today I will reach around 33554432 posts.

Or so.