Trying to define hyperhuman

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OK, so let’s try to define what “hyperhuman” means.

What do others say?

While regular dictionaries hold multiple definitions of superhuman, it’s less clear what hyperhuman means. No formal description exists, and apparently, it’s easier to describe it by opposition to other similar terms.

For example, on Spooky and Metronome blog, I have found an interesting definition:

Possessing a quality of human presence or expression that has been intensified or heightened by means of technology

It is more about “how” not exactly “what,” which made me wonder back then if transhumanism and hyperhumanism aren’t the same things. It turns out that in the eyes of many, they are almost the opposite. Joël de Rosnay writes that the transhumanist idea of ending human existence for some while making selected ones immortal is going to lead to the world of conflict. Instead, he calls for “the integration of human beings and their symbiosis, rather than their individual transformation.”

OK, we’re getting closer. de Rosnay doesn’t neglect technology but calls for symbiosis between biology and technology instead of a transformation of individual lives into an abstract computer entity. It’s still more of a “how,” but let’s see if somebody expressed better the goal of hyperhumanism.

And here I find a helpful operational definition from one of the internet forums on neurohacking:

The next stage of civilization could take us on to a level of hyperhumanism — to a condition in which human beings have become so aware of themselves, of their actions, and of their influence on other beings that they will finally be able to overcome ideological barriers and imposed dogmas that limit our capacity to think for ourselves.

So, in simpler terms — the goal of becoming hyperhuman is to perceive reality as it is, without ideological and cultural filters.

These are useful, but other than a good source of inspiration, they are not exactly what I have in mind.

So how would I define hyperhuman?

Hyperhuman is a person that uses carefully selected medical interventions, deep lifestyle modifications, neuroenhancement tech, and, finally, mind software optimizations. It’s indeed about blending biology with technology, but without unrealistic expectations about meat-free life forms.

Hyperhuman aims for finding synergy between all of these activities to reach and maintain peak performance levels for extended periods. It’s not about a singular event in life, but rather about consistency in wellbeing and performance.

Hyperhuman uses peak performance to discover the unmediated reality and become free in the capacity to think for him/herself. It’s about understanding that perception is malleable, and so many things around are just unmaintained software programs.