Intelligence amplification to compensate biases

May 2, 2020 00:00 · 142 words · 1 minute read IA AI data science

Intelligence amplification (IA) lies at the core of hyperhumanism.

In contrast to artificial intelligence (AI) that many portrait as the replacement to human flaws, intelligence amplification seeks to support the human to compensate for these flaws.

The reason I’ve tagged this post data science because decision-support systems that this field can build are probably the next big thing, technology-wise.

See, technology can augment senses, speed up information processing capabilities, extend and improve communication. But all of these enhancementes still operate on a large set of cognitive biases inherent to human brain operations. Exposing biases via data science and decision support systems removes the major obstacle for the compensation of these biases. At least, as long as these systems do not encode our own biases.

Of course, that whole inclination towards IA instead of AI could be just an example of anthropocentric thinking.