We are all avatars

Nov 6, 2020 00:00 · 307 words · 2 minute read avatars exploration interviews

In 2001 Scott Adams (the one of Dilbert comic fame) published a short book entitled “God’s debris.” It is a witty combination of multiple philosophical views, some pseudoscience and, hardcore physics. One particular element that drew my attention as particularly neat is The Avatar’s role, the book’s main character.

The Avatar, a single awaken person on the earth, is involved in maintaining a balance of humanity’s delusions. He does so by introducing new ideas when needed:

“You can’t wake yourself from a dream. You need someone who is already awake to shake you gently, to whisper in your ear. In a sense, that is what I do.”

This balance-maintaining role is something that occupied my mind for weeks. In the context of this site’s central theme, the activity of keeping the world in balance appeared to be the primary calling of hyperhuman.

Being hyperhuman means working on one’s mind. But the ultimate use of the freedom gained along the way is to prevent the imbalance from spinning out of control. And “introducing new ideas to the world” sounds like a beautiful description of multiple people’s activities.

“We are all avatars” is a subproject of the Hyperhuman Tech initiative. It’s a set of interviews with people who introduce new ideas in their art, business, or research and contribute to maintaining balance in this world. Let’s get to know their thoughts, motivations, and ideas that they whisper to our ears.

The use of the word “avatar” is, of course, intentional. During the interviews, I will try to transcendent “personas,” representing the people I will be interviewing. We will see if an avatar and The Avatar is the same person, or maybe not.

The interviews will be recorded, transcribed, and published here. Additionally, they will be sent out to newsletter subscribers (please subscribe if you don’t want to miss any).