Jim & Andy - a documentary about englightenment

Nov 30, 2020 00:00 · 135 words · 1 minute read englightenment exploration art meditation

Netflix film entitled “Jim & Andy” is essentially a documentary about enlightenment. Jim Carrey recounts what happened behind the scenes of “Man on the Moon”, the biographical movie about Andy Kaufman, and what happened afterward. He transitioned from unhappiness despite coming to the fruition of his dreams into peace because he can let go of the avatar of “Jim Carrey”.

I liked that no one in the movie mentioned enlightenment, gurus, meditation, and so on. There are too many expectations when it comes to awakening. Many people are too focused on a particular method or assume they need to be spiritual (with a broad definition of spirituality). Carrey organically understood that the games we play and the masks we wear are nothing more than games and masks. All that without resorting to a meditation retreat.