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About this site

I think becoming hyperhuman (that is more human, even more human or extra a lot of human) is a critical aspiration one can have in these days.

I’ve built this site to explore options, opportunities, tools, and risks along the way towards becoming freer in my capacity to think and live this life.

How to approach the content

Hyperhuman portal is about short-form content, rapid dissemination, experimentation, and idea generation. Some of the longer articles will be republished on Hyper Human publication at Medium. However, the most structured content and access to back-office research is reserved for Hyperhuman newsletter.

Anyway, if you learn something along the way, you are awarded a thousand Schrute Bucks (plus a bonus of another thousand, if you had got the reference). Will send them telepathically (yes, this was a joke - expect many of them here).

About the author

I (Pawel Szczesny) am the editor and the primary contributor to this site. I’ve decided that after a decade in academia, long years of policymaking around open science, a couple of businesses now and then, and a recent sale of my soul to big pharma, it’s time for something funnier and less rewarding. Or less funny but more rewarding?


HyperHuman Technologies is a static site. It has turned on all privacy options Hugo provides (no remote fonts, no ads, no analytics, no comments, etc.). The relevant part of the config file is pasted below for reference, copied from Hugo and GDPR section of Hugo documentation:

    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true

Therefore, don’t expect cookie popups, ads or annoying popovers with an ask to subscribe to my newsletter. Please visit some other sites to benefit from being monitored.